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Azendi is a jewellers' shop selling a wide range of jewellery items.

Address: 20 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Barnitts Ltd

Barnitts Ltd is a hardware store selling a range of DIY and home improvement items.

Address: 24-26 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BW


Blacks is a chain of shops selling outdoor clothing and equipment from its branches around the UK.

Address: 23 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Blackwell & Denton

Blackwell & Denton is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of electrical goods.

Address: 5-6 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

D & R J Maddison

Clocks and Watches

Address: 21 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN


Elizabethan Tea Rooms

Elizabethan Tea Rooms is a café serving a variety of hot and cold drinks and light meals.

Address: 28 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Galafare Ltd

Galafare Ltd sells a variety of confectionery items including sweets, chocolates and gum.

Address: 7 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

Harry Nicholas

Harry Nicholas is a hairdresser which offers a range of men's and women's hair services and products.

Address: 3 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

Market Place Post Office

Market Place Post Office is a post office which provides a range of mail services and also sells stationery and other convenience items.

Address: 4 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

Proper Pasties

Proper Pasties is a bakers' shop serving a selection of bakery products including bread, confectionery and pastries.

Address: 29 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Rawcliffes Ltd

Rawcliffes Ltd is a clothes store specialising in school and college uniform for children and teenagers.

Address: 17 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Rock-Ola Music Co

Rock-Ola Music Co is a music retailer selling a range of CDs, books, sheet music and other music-related items.

Address: 7 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP


Scope is a charity which supports disabled people, in particular cerebral palsy sufferers, and their families.

Address: 11 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP


Stephensons is an auctioneer and valuer of various different types of artwork.

Address: 10 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

The Clothing Alteration Co

The Clothing Alteration Co offers a variety of clothing alteration and repair services for different items of clothing.

Address: 14 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP


Tullivers is a retailer of various health foods and related health products.

Address: 1-2 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BP

Yeomans Army Stores

Yeomans Army Stores is an outdoor retailer supplying a variety of camping gear and other outdoor equipment.

Address: 22 Colliergate, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8BN

Reviews of Establishments on Colliergate

Find out what people are saying about places on Colliergate.

Thank you Chris once again. - review of Blackwell & Denton by Linda MARY Nicholson

I rang Chris a Blackwell and Denton regarding a lamp I bought a long time ago from another shop and asked if he could fix it and as I don't drive. He offered... More »

Waiting over 3 weeks!! - review of Rawcliffes by Anonymous

I've been waiting over 3 weeks for items I ordered in store. Items that should of been in within 3-5 days. The staff are useless!... More »

No Online Ordering - review of Rawcliffes by Chris HM

Cant believe there is no online ordering. There isn't even a web page so you can check prices...that is just rubbish :(... More »

No Website, No Online Ordering? - review of Rawcliffes by Annoyed

I tried looking for Rawciffes online today and guess what? the only retailer of school uniforms in york doesn't even have a website! I cant check prices, sizes or even see if they... More »

Good Place to be in. - review of Barnitts by Alex

Barnitts is one of the best stores to go in especially on work experience during school days when you want to gain experience :)I love doing the adverts there and I just love... More »

Barnitts the best department store ever - review of Barnitts by Tes

Having lived in York for nearly 17 years I know and love this store; excellent product choices, excellent prices, excellent service. Whenever we need anything from batteries to paint to electrical goods... More »

Online ordering PLEASE - review of Rawcliffes by Mum of 5

Think online ordering with delivery would b great, i have 5 kids and it cost me more to get public transport to the store than it does for the clothing i want, and... More »

2012 and still no online ordering - get your act together please - review of Rawcliffes by All parents in York

Would be great for a single parent like me who works full time, to be able to order uniform online, as the parking in York is so expensive and you can never be... More »

Shopping Online - review of Rawcliffes by Mrs J Cawson

Want to order online, FORGET IT! Is it 2011? Come on Rawcliffes, sort it out PLEASE!!!! Some of the uniform I need is still not in stock, it would be alot easier... More »

Reply - review of Rawcliffes by Chris (again)

Not sure if I've already posted this but try looking at: http://www.john-cheatle.co.uk/ There is an option to order online - but it does not look that easy.... More »

Is this real... - review of Rawcliffes by Chris

Just started looking to see if we could order online. Still cannot work it out but try: http://www.john-cheatle.co.uk/ I think that they own Rawcliffes and do have internet ordering - just cannot work out how to... More »

Is this real... online shopping is not an option? - review of Rawcliffes by Alison

In this day & age of busy families & working parents, I cannot believe it is not possible to order standard school kit online? what about families not in the area but moving... More »

Best Price Anywhere - review of Barnitts by Alan

A couple of months ago I went upstairs in this mazelike shop and saw a retro 1970's style TV stand priced at £119. I knew I had to have it but checked on... More »

Service Exceeding Expectations - review of Barnitts by George Pound

Ref: Order No: 62949 I placed an order at 2100Hrs Saturday, recieved immediate confirmation. On Sunday I was informed that my order had been despatched and it arrived on Wednesday. My Wife was delighted as... More »

One of the best hardware stores I have seen - review of Barnitts by David Morris

The staff are so well informed and friendly. Huge selection of kitchen/electrical tools etc. Wonderful!... More »

A Classic store - review of Barnitts by Sheffield Phil

If you want to find some interesting things that are not found in the normal clone high street call in Barnitts. I love going to this store whenever I am in York.... More »


Map showing Colliergate in York.